Lead Generation Contact List

List generation can be a difficult process.  We have a extremely streamlined method to obtain exactly what you should be looking for.  We generate X leads a month which we can integrate into your marketing automation platform to qualify said leads into sales.


So you’d like a list of your potential clients?  We specialize in developing this list by working closely with your sales team to nail down EXACTLY the customer that you are aiming for.  We can target:

  • Specific business categories
  • Specific geographic areas
  • Email crawling on websites
  • So much more, our system is extremely flexible because we have real people doing the research

This is not an automatic generated list.  We work with a team to specifically research these contacts through the web, LinkedIn and Facebook.

This list can then be inputted into your marketing automation platform to start the sales funnel.  After we create the list we suggest an initial call through your favourite CRM tool or use ours!  We offer our own that is integrated with your list and tracks everything from open rate, opening a link in an email to click through rates and more.

This is by far our most popular product offering as all businesses could take advantage of this service.

To get started with this, please get a quote and tell us in the comments about:

  1. How many contacts you’re looking for
  2. Do you want this integrated into a proper marketing automation platform?
  3. Who are the people you would like on this list?

What are the rules in regarding contacting these contacts?

Please visit here.  Generally, if you find the email on the web you are allowed to contact them.  This is called ‘implied consent’.  All your contact information and a description of how you achieved consent must be in your footer along with any unsubscribe link.  For complete details please visit this .  This is not legal advice so please visit the Canadian anti-spam laws or laws in your country before contacting ANY persons without ‘expressed consent’.